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CBD+Cranberry Seed Oil Roller Bottle 10ML

CBD+Cranberry Seed Oil Roller Bottle 10ML


Mother Nature’s Trading Company has the  purest Cranberry Seed Oil + CBD you can buy.

Mother Nature’s Cranberry Seed Oil + CBD 1oz Size is a full ounce (30ml) of our special healthy oil blend.

Don’t let another day pass without experiencing that refined beauty and healthy feeling.  Order now!

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

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Mother Nature’s Trading Company has the purest Cranberry Seed Oil + CBD you can buy.

Our convenient roll-on adds the power of CBD to help with problem skin problems.

Enjoy robust health with Mother Nature’s Cranberry Seed Oil + CBD products.

Mother Nature’s remedies can help you feel great every day. Our products restore smooth, healthy skin and help you enjoy brilliant, robust health.  You can enjoy brilliant health and refined beauty too!

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

What is CBD?

Hemp is part of the Cannabis plant family. Hemp does not provide the user with high volumes of THC (like marijuana does). Instead, it shares its mass quantities of cannabidiol, or CBD, with the user.

One common misconception some people have about hemp oil is to think this is marijuana. Even though hemp is part of the cannabis family of species, it is very different from marijuana in many ways.

What’s in CBD Oil?

Our Hemp-based CBD Oil consists of less than 0.3% THC. Due to the low amount of THC, a user cannot get high from our Cranberry Seed Oil and CBD blend. CBD products are not psychotropic and do not cause any unwanted highs.

Hemp contains healthy fatty acids. Unlike its marijuana counterpart, hemp contains high quantities of CBD and low volumes of THC. Although,  marijuana is illegal to consume in many states, hemp is slowly becoming more popular. More states are legalizing the uses of hemp oil for its citizens.

Is CBD Right For Me?

Our hemp-based CBD oil is all-natural.  All natural hemp has been used as a treatment for illnesses and diseases for centuries. Our customer’s love the natural and holistic attributes this plant brings to the table.

Cranberry Seed Oil and CBD derived products can benefit your everyday life. Have questions? Do not hesitate to call us.

Can Trucker’s and Pilots take CBD?

In states where marijuana is legal you can purchase high-strength CBD in a dispensary. Most of the time high-strength CBD purchased at dispensary also contains high amounts of THC.

Fortunately, hemp-based CBD oils and pills sold online and in most states do not come with the same risks. These products typically contain no more than 3.5 percent CBD. More importantly, they have only trace amounts (0.3 percent) of the compound known as THC.

The best way to explain the difference is by putting it in terms of beer. Most domestic brews contain between 4.2 and 5.5 percent ABV (Alcohol By Volume). While non-alcoholic versions, such as O’Doul’s, have only around 0.4 percent ABV. Booze-free concoctions technically do have some alcohol, the consumption of these beverages cannot lead to intoxication. Reputable CBD products containing 0.3% THC cannot put the user in jeopardy of failing a drug test.

Make certain you purchase CBD from a reputable company and one that has accredited third party laboratories testing their products.

Drug Screens

Drug screens are only searching for one specific cannabinoid, and that is THC. CBD will not result in a failed drug test. Most hemp based CBD contains small amounts of THC. To trigger a false positive you’d have to consume an extreme amount of CBD. To put this in perspective, most CBD users consume an average of 20 -to-160 milligrams daily. You’d need to consume more than 1,200 mg of CBD in a few days to trigger a false positive. Even then, you most likely would not test positive.

False Positives

A false positive does not mean a failed drug test. Lots of common, legal products can cause false positives. Some of the latest research shows that CBD can stay in a person’s system for more than 10 days. The length of time really depends on the frequency of use, a person’s body weight, and overall diet.

Make certain you purchase CBD from a reputable company and one that has accredited laboratories testing their products.

Pimple-Prone Skin, Clogged Pores, and Blackheads

You may have thought you only had to deal with acne in your teens. However, as many of us who have grown up since can agree, adult acne is no laughing manner. Basically, anyone can get pimples, because it is a widespread skin condition resulting from untreated clogged pores.

Medications, especially prescriptions, can have harsh side effects on our overall skin health.

Some formulas may be too potent for sensitive skin, thus causing more damage. Other topical medications may be wrong for the type of clogged pores and blackheads you have. Many use CBD products right before bed to decrease their acne. Moreover, CBD seems to reduce skin inflammation, allowing skin to return to its original state without scarring.

Rashes and Extremely Dry Skin Conditions

Other skin conditions can benefit from the regular use of CBD products. For example, rashes and extremely dry skin.

A stressed immune system can often cause skin to overreact and turn into rashes that are dry and itchy. These rashes are similar eczema. Rashes affect over 30 million Americans, especially children. Dry, easily irritated skin can be hereditary, and there is no cure for sensitive skin that breaks out in rashes as a result of an overactive immune system.

Our skin may produce an annoying rash when exposed to allergens. Our skin is especially prone to rashes from allergic reactions after having touched something, such as chemicals that are harmful to our skin, poison oak and ivy, or even strong soaps and scents. Inflammation is the primary reaction, but it can progress to swelling with bumps that ooze fluids and eventually crust over. Most allergic skin conditions begin at the back of the knees and arms and at any folds on your body where skin may rub together and cause irritation.

The best way to avoid breakouts of rashes and extremely dry skin is to know what you are allergic to and to keep hydrated, especially during extremely dry weather. However, most skin problems are not contagious and are actually quite common. Already irritated skin can benefit tremendously from hemp-based CBD and CSO. Using topical CBD on a regular basis can help prevent flare-ups of rashes and dry skin patches. Our customers have found CBD topicals to be extremely helpful in ameliorating dry or irritated patches of skin. The topicals can also give a very satisfactory relief from the inflammation and irritation.

Consistent usage of a CBD and CSO topical can resolve some severe skin conditions. Over-the-counter medications work. However, the all-natural synergy of CBD and CSO soothes with less side effects.

Flaky and Patchy Skin

There are a few common issues in which the surface of your skin may have the appearance of scales with patches of redness. These patches can become incredibly itchy to the point of being painful. They can range from a few spots of red lesions to full-on coverage of entire limbs of dry, cracked skin that may bleed. They may be ongoing, coming and going for a few weeks to months at a time, and there is no cure. Individuals plagued by patchiness and discoloration may only have the option of managing flare-ups by lifestyle changes, moisturizing, and being careful of their diets and stress levels.

Psoriasis causes skin cells to grow too quickly. Within days, skin cells can build up and become patches of scales unless treated. Psoriasis is commonly treated with local steroid injections. However, these injections come with a wide-range of side effects.

For flaky and patchy skin, topical CBD oil provides a significant amount of moisture to the affected site to heal broken and cracked skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol relieve the flaking and burning of patchy skin, reducing redness and dryness almost immediately. As infections or injury to your skin can cause flare-ups, the antioxidant components of CBD oil can also alleviate the infection that worsens the conditions.

Bug bites and Itchy Skin

Generally itchy skin and bug bites are alleviated by CBD and CSO topicals. For individuals with sensitive skin CBD and CSO topicals may be their only viable option.

For bug bites and itchy skin, CBD oil benefits of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties start to work at the site by calming your body’s immune response. One study by the dermatology department at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine, found that eight out of the 21 patients that applied cannabinoid creams twice a day for three weeks noticed a significant improvement in their severely itchy skin.

Pus and fluid-filled bumps that cause redness are an autoimmune disorder common among people with fair and sensitive skin. It affects over 16 million Americans, and it exclusively impacts the sensitive areas on the face such as the cheeks, nose, around the eyes, and chin.

Sores and Bumps

Skin flare-ups characterized by sores and bumps, similar to rosacea, cannot be cured. They can only be managed, due to the condition’s hereditary nature. People who have a disrupted immune response are more likely to have more recurring inflammation when the sores erupt. Outbreaks are often initiated by hormonal imbalances and diet changes. Triggers can also include alcohol, spicy foods, smoke, too much heat, and emotional stressors. Many individuals often mistake their sores and bumps for sunburns or acne, as they share many of the same symptoms. Trying to cover them up only makes it worse; prompt and proper treatment is needed instead.

The use of cranberry seed oil and hemp based soaps and other topicals, along with a diet rich in healthy fats, has been found to provide the best relief for outbreaks of sores and itchy bumps. Your skin may receive the most benefits from cranberry and cannabinoid creams versus the inhalation of cannabis smoke. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help retain moisture and protect against the sun when CBD-infused topicals are used on a regular basis.

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